The conference takes place at the Golden Tulip - Hotel da Falperra. Deployed along the extensive mall centenarians oaks between the sanctuary of St. Maria Madalena and the Chapel of Santa Marta de Leão, place of secular religious pilgrimage, the Golden Tulip Braga was built on the ruins of the Franciscan convent of St. Maria Madalena do Monte, built in the late eighteenth century by the King D. Miguel.
    It's story tell since that time it provided services of hostel to complement the realization of religious events and also to rest and therapy for respiratory diseases, given the clean air provided.
    The marks of the convent are still clearly visible inside the Hotel, also has the beautiful Chapel of St. António da Paz.
    To learn more about the Venue, visit Golden Tulip - Hotel da Falperra


How to reach the location?

    The event is located on Golden Tulip - Hotel da Falperra in Guimarães, Portugal. The map above shows the location of the building. The red mark marks the location of the Hotel.

    Below is the address and contact information of the Hotel:

  • Estrada Via Falperra – Sta. Cristina de Longos 4800 Guimarães Portugal 
  • Tel: +351 253 240 700 
  • Fax: +351 253 240 740 
  • Email:
  • Reservations:
  • GPS: 41º 31’ 14.18”N | 8º 23’ 21.63”O 
    To see the directions from the center of Guimarães to the Hotel click here: Directions
    To see the directions from the center of Braga to the Hotel click here: Directions


1st From the Porto Airport to the Braga Coach Station and vice versa
    The GETBUS service will provide an easy and low-cost way of travel between the airport and Braga Coach Station:

Braga -> Porto Airport
 Braga  04:00  06:00  08:00  11:30  14:00  16:30  18:30  23:00
 Porto Airport  04:50 06:50   08:50  12:20 14:50   17:20  19:15   23:50

Porto Airport -> Braga
 Porto Airport  05:00 07:00 10:00 12:30 15:30 17:30 20:30 00:45
 Braga  05:50 07:50 10:50 13:20 16:20 18:20 21:15 01:35
    There are thre sale points available:
    The adult prices are 8€ for the one-way ticket and 14€ for the return included ticket. For childrens between 5 and 12 years old the prices are 4€ and 8€ respectively. Childrens less than 5 years old don't pay ticket.

2nd From the Braga Coach Station to the Golden Tulip - Hotel da Falperra

    After you have arrived at Braga, there are a couple of ways to arrive at the Golden Tulip Hotel:
  • By bus
  • By taxicab
    If you select the bus, you can consult the detailed directions in this map, or you can download the .pdf file attached to the end of this page "BusRouteX.pdf".

    If you want to go by taxicab you can easily call it dialing +351 253 253 253 or +351 253 611 992, indicating that you are in the Braga Coach Station ("Estação de camionagem de Braga") in the Avenue General Norton de Matos ("Avenida General Norton de Matos"). For more information go click here to see the braga taxi page.

 By bus  between 2.20€ and 3.50€
 By taxicab  see .pdf file "TaxicabTariff" at the end of this page

What's near?

Places to eat

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(if you can't see the map correctly, please click here)


    The Golden Tulip - Hotel Da Falperra provides the ideal accomodation and rest for all the Quatic 2014 guests and committe. It's the exact place where the event takes place and it's a peauceful place where anyone can conciliate work and rest.
    However if you are insterested in another place to spend your nights you can easily find one in Braga or Guimarães.
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